Kim Joo-hyuk: Grief after Korean actor killed in crash

The untimely death of actor Kim Joo-hyuk in a Seoul car crash has sent film fans in South Korea and across Asia into shock and disbelief.

Actor-KimJoo-hyuk, car crash

Korean actor Kim Joo-hyuk.

The 45-year-old, known for roles in several hit Korean movies had won an award at a ceremony only last week.

Mr Kim was driving on Monday when he swerved, causing his car to “flip over”.

Authorities said the driver of another car, who Mr Kim had collided with, managed to survive the accident.

Mr Kim started his 20-year career starring in romantic comedies but later branched out into more diverse roles in crime films and historical TV dramas like “Yourself and Yours”, “Confidential Assignment” and “Hur Jun: The Original Story”.

Mr Kim was a regular fixture in South Korea’s vibrant entertainment scene, which includes K-drama television serials, variety shows and feature film. In recent years, South Korea’s films and series have become popular around Asia, as well as the rest of the world.

Many took to social media to remember the late actor, in particular: how he always ensured that his female colleagues would share his screen credits.

Source: BBC

Nguồn: VietnamNet

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