Roman Reigns Given The Highest Rating In WWE 2K18

They absolutely knew this was going to piss people off.

Roman Reigns. The guy with the biggest pecs. Roman Reigns. The guy who outranks everyone on WWE 2K18. A strange fascination from WWE gamers is finding out who is given the highest overall rating in the annual 2K release, each wrestler is credited a certain rating based on how they perform on a regular basis. Typically the highest any one wrestler can achieve is around the mid-nineties, with Brock Lesnar (the cover star of 2K17) being awarded 95, which, considering his consistent booking, isn’t a subject of debate.

This year however, that honour is being given to The Big Dog himself, who outranks not only Brock Lesnar but also this year’s cover star, Seth Rollins (who has only been warranted a 92).

I wonder whether this is someone at 2K trying to rile up the anti-Roman club, putting him above every single inclusion on this year’s game. Then again, considering his past year – where he has not only defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania but also been United States Champion and a top contender for the Universal title – it’s not exactly something that’s unrealistic.

Amongst the top rankings are some of wrestling’s mount rushmore – Steve Austin (at 92), The Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker (all 93). Further down the scale is the aforementioned Rollins and Finn Balor (92), AJ Styles (90), BRAAUNNN (87? criminal) and finally Jinder Mahal being given a generous 88.

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